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D’banj’s Koko Garri is “Thinking Out of the Box” – Charles Novia



Nollywood producer and director Charles Novia reveals Koko Garri initiative by D’banj is a step in the right direction. Novia who recently wrote about how the Nigerian youth need to focus on the agriculture system when he wrote about the tragic Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment stampede, says he has always been an advocate for a paradigm shift in the areas of job creation, most importantly agriculture.

Read his statement below.

“D’banj is selling a brand and spreading a message. He is asking our young people to think out of the box. To see the Koko Garri initiative as a laughable project means those narrow minded people are as dense as the Kukuruku Forests in the Savannah. Forget about the guy promoting the message for a bit and focus on the message. It is time to embrace farming.

I support that move. And for the records, I don’t know D’Banj. Neither am I an agent of the Agricultural Ministry and this is no PR stunt. I just BELIEVE in productivity and Agriculture is one of such areas I hold dear.”


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