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GIST: SEE What AfroCandy Is Doing Here (PHOTOS)


Controversial actress and po’rnstar, Afrocandy is back again. She shared photos of herself lic’king her bre’asts in her be’droom and showing off her nip’ples and privates in a see-thro’ugh top.afrocandy_bedssd

Despite what critics think this mother of two still enjoys what she does and doesn’t look like she intends to stop anytime soon.

The ‘Ike na money’ singer became quite popular after she released pictures and video of a hardcore Po’rn Movie “Destructive Insti’nct” 3&4 and she has kept posting more rau’nchy pictures of herself.

Probably its her way of remaining relevant in the media or seeking attention.afrocandy_bed1


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