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GIST: Snoop Dogg’s Famous Uncle June Bugg Dies At 70


Work-pics2975Snoop Dogg’s much beloved uncle, June Bugg has passed away at the age of 70.

June Bugg reportedly died from colon cancer.

In a video posted on Instagram on Friday morning, Snoop’s cousin Daz Dillinger said, “I’m on my way to see my Uncle June for the last time. Shot out to my uncle, I love you forever… He was great on this earth, I love you.”

Snoop Dogg followed up Dillinger’s tribute by posting a series of photos on the social media site, writing, “Lord help me find peace this morning !! I’m so sad my uncle junebug !! Is gone on to heavan (sic)!!”

Snoop’s website reads: “Uncle June Bugg has always been part of Snoop Dogg’s family… as his uncle, it was only natural. However, over the last few years, June Bugg has become a staple among the Doggy Style Records family, and can be found with Snoop and the All Stars at all times. Uncle June Bugg has become a favorite among Snoop Dogg fans and a staple at Snoop’s live shows.”

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